Special Works

The Global Attitude Institute (IGA) develops customized projects for companies and the public sector. These initiatives encompass social, environmental, educational and cultural actions, aiming to directly impact Brazilian society.

With an international networking, innovation and strategic partnerships, these projects promote significant changes, meeting the specific needs of the community.

Through concrete actions and lasting impact, IGA inspires and mobilizes people, opening paths to a fairer and more sustainable future. These are special projects that really make a difference in society.


Inspiring, empowering and strengthening transformative processes

More than teaching, empowerment is needed

Empodera Juventudes

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Acting for the future

Virada ODS

A maior política pública municipal do mundo para ampliar a conscientização e o engajamento cívico rumo aos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (ODS) para 2030.

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