Meu Primeiro Trampo
Meu Primeiro Trampo

Revolution in the form of education

The Meu Primeiro Trampo program is a free educational platform, available for smartphone and computer. It contains, eventually, three training tracks focused on the development of soft skills for the entry of young people into the labor market.

This program targets public high school students in priority territories, who wish, above all, to have their first work experience as a Young Apprentice or trainee. In addition to educational support, young people go through an incubation period, through which they have the opportunity to get their first job.

The training trails have an average duration of 1h30 and are made available in a traveling HUB, installed in selected State Schools. In fact, six tablets are made available for access, providing the expansion of knowledge in a practical and playful way.


Goals of the program


Develop socio-emotional and practical skills through courses on Effective Communication, Interpersonal Relationships, Leadership in the World of Work.

Facilitate entry into the labor market through vocational assistance and mentoring.

Empower and accompany the journey of young people in their first professional experience.


Foster soft skills such as leadership, motivation, communication and time management.

Prepare young people for the challenges of the future job market in order to promote success.

Promote the enhancement of interpersonal skills as well as teamwork and conflict resolution.


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